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Walter Carrington
Actor Jon Patrick Walker
Seen In "Look to the Ant"
Last Seen "In Whom We Trust"
Name Walter Carrington
Status Alive
Job Unknown

Walter Carrington is the boyfriend of Kale Ingram. He lives with Kale in his high end New York City apartment.

Season 1[]

In the episode "Look to the Ant", Walter is revealed as Kale's boyfriend to Will , who has been invited to dinner at their apartment. Kale expresses his dislike of the techno music Walter is playing. Walter remarks that he doesn't usually meet Kale's co-workers. "Is he the scary boss?" Walter asks. "Yes," Will replies.

During the episode "No Honesty in Men", Kale is walking with Walter on the street when Kale notices someone watching them. He demands that Walter stay put and approaches the man, asking him forcefully for the time. The man abruptly leaves without a response.

At the beginning of the episode "In Whom We Trust", Kale searches his apartment for bugs late at night. He finds one at the base of Walter's bedside lamp. When he comes back to bed he strokes Walter's head tenderly. Later on in the episode, Kale presents Walter with a new lamp and puts the bugged lamp out on the curb.