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Tanya MacGaffin
Actor Lauren Hodges
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "You Never Can Win"
Name Tanya MacGaffin
Status Alive
Job Analyst

Tanya MacGaffin was Will's friend and coworker and following the death of David Hadas, became his subordinate.


Season One[]

In "The First Day of School", Tanya came to work and immediately went to the rest room where she threw up. Maggie Young reported to Kale Ingram that she thought Tanya had a drinking problem. In "Connect the Dots", it is confirmed that she has a drinking problem when she sneaks some alcohol during working hours.


Tanya is usually tasked with handling the difficult assignments. She's a very grounded person, thinking logically instead of going along with Will's ideas. She allows herself to be abused by Grant Test, who orders her to buy doughnuts and then complains that she bought the wrong kind.