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Ed Bancroft
Actor Roger Robinson
First Seen "Gone In The Teeth"
Last Seen "Caught in the Suck"
Name Ed Bancroft
Status Alive
Job Retired

Ed Bancroft is skilled code cracker.


Ed was an experienced code cracker while he was still working. At one point though he was considered insane and lost touch with everyone but David Hadas. They played chess together over the phone and shared news of what was happening in their lives.

Season One[]

Will sits in David's office when the phone rings. A voice says "Knight to king's bishop three," and hangs up when he realizes that David didn't pick up. Will searches David's office and finds a chess game in progress. "From one pawn to another -- E.B." is inscribed on the board. Ed Bancroft is introduced as one of Davis Hadas' close friends and former co-workers. Will finds Ed and informs him of David's death, it tears him to pieces. So, Will shows him the mysterious crossword puzzle to see if he can see any patterns. At first, he is cautious to helping Will, but helps him soon afterwards in order to find out the story behind David's death. Both have many meetings about what points they can draw from the crossword puzzles and the numbers located on the tape found on the Norton. Will, inspired by a conversation with David's son Evan Hadas, deduces that the numbers are series wins by the New York Yankees which connects them to a list of people. Ed confesses that the crossword puzzles are go-codes and that he developed a similar crossword puzzle during his active years. Ed waits for will outside of API offices and tells him to look into the white pages. Will visits Ed one night and sees Ed has already come up with a hypothesis that connects Donald Bloom, the CIA, Hezbollah, the crossword puzzles, Houston, Beirut, Nigeria, banking and the oil industry. Will, in utter awe and shock at his theory, discourages his work and says, "[they] have both gone way overboard, and it ends right here, tonight," which brings Ed to tears replying "David was my best friend." Ed's house is likely bugged, as a recording of the conversation is played by Spangler and FBI agents.


He is secretive and skittish. He is able to find patterns and connect the dots very easily. Though, when he is focused on finding patterns and connecting dots, he is more obsessed on the task at hand that he appears to be losing his sanity. This is what led Will to discontinue Ed in his search for answers on David's death.