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"Connect the Dots"

Episode Season {{#pad:1|2|0|left}}, Number 05
Air Date 22 August 2010
Written by Nichole Beattie
Directed by Nick Gomez
Starring James Badge Dale as Will Travers
Jessica Collins as Maggie Young
Lauren Hodges as Tanya MacGaffin
Dallas Roberts as Miles Fiedler
Christopher Evan Welch as Grant Test
with Arliss Howard as Kale Ingram
and Miranda Richardson as Katherine Rhumor
Guest Stars Michael Cristofer as Truxton Spangler
Michael Gaston as Donald Bloom
David Rasche as James Wheeler
Roger Robinson as Ed Bancroft
and Manish Dayal as Mason "Hal" Klugman
Co-starring TBA
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"Connect the Dots" is the 5th episode in Season 1 of Rubicon, and the 5th produced hour of the series as a whole. It was originally broadcast in the United States on August 22nd, 2010.


Travers shares the info about Donald Bloom with Ed Bancroft who advises him to "check the white papers". A critical white paper written by the recently deceased David Hadas is missing. Ed finds that Donald Bloom is staying in a New York hotel.

Tanya is adrift after the previous decision to launch a strike. She suggests moving the investigation from Yuri to George since his involvement is the enigma. Will challenges, then encourages her. She presents her case tp Spangler and he agrees with her on shifting the focus of the investigation to George Beck.

In a review of her ex husband's finances, MRQ stands out.

Although not a field agent, Travers surveils Donald Bloom, who surprisingly ends up in a lunch meeting with Will's boss Kale Ingram. Kale has hired Bloom to run down leads dug up by Travers around the globe and reminicing with Kale about 'the old days in Beiruit' [for the CIA]. Will suspects Kale and reaches out to Maggie for background.

Ingram confronts his boss Spangler to confirm that "David Hadas' loose ends have been tied up". Spangler is seen shredding David's missing white paper.

Will realizes that Ed is obsessing over David Bloom and in danger of cracking again. He throws Ed a red herring to convince him that the case is all phoney, but Ed may be onto something.

Will glimpses part of Spanglers inner circle - Wheeler, another and a new arrival. He assures them that "the squalls have been shipped and will be onsite in a week".

Ingram confronts Travers about surveiling Donald Bloom 'I strongly suggest you stick to the analysis side of things - I would hate to see you involved in any mayhem'.

Bloom and Spangler meet a tail in a meeting in an abandoned school. He hears a tape of the 'red herring' and directs the surveillance team to shift focus to Katherine Rhumor. As they exit, Ingram sees the three of them.

Katherine visits MRQ and finds her husbands locked cabinet containing folders named ' Periscope' and ' Platex ' in which she finds a newpaper clipping about a CCNY professor Bradley who had killed himself.

Tanya's suspicion proved correct. MI5 shows George meeting Iranian terrorism financier.

Travers returns home and begins analysis similar to Ed's - trying to connect the dots.

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