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The American Policy Institute (API) is a clandestine government office located in New York City, whose apparent mission is to provide research, analysis and operational recommendations to the U.S. intelligence services. API was formed following 9/11, as an agency that would access the data gathered from all of the various Intelligence Agencies in order to search for patterns and themes.

API appears to be a private company operating on a Government contract at arms length from the US Government, there is a linkage to Atlas McDowell through Thruxton Spangler.

API provides an independent overview of intellence material collected by many other branches of the US and foriegn Intelligence services (they are granted access to MI6 and BND – Bundesnachrichtendienst - foreign intelligence data). As they have no government jurisdictional "turf" or budget to defend they are allowed access where normally inter-agency rivallries and lack of trust would preclude such sharing. In "The Outsider" API is fighting for its contract to be continued by highlighting its record and the usefullness of its independence in providing impartial and accurate readings of intelligence product.

The offices and main entrance to API are located in Fletcher Street New York, close to the South Street Seaport.